Our Team

Chris BlooD

Chris is V Expressions Ltd's technical expert in midi, legacy modules, and live performance. He founded V Expressions Ltd in 1998 with modeling for the TD-10 & TD-8. Chris continues to support all of Roland's latest modules today with sound enhancing expansions.

Alan Miller

Alan is the V Expressions Ltd guru for all things flaship and website related. He joined Chris as a co-owner in 2004, with the release of some of V Expressions Ltd's most popular expansions; Giggin' Kits, and the Top 50 Drummers series for the TD-12 and TD-20.


Doing what we love!


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Our History

Founded in 1998, V Expressions Ltd came to the electronic v-drumming world with the vision of providing high quality modeling support for Roland's V-Drums TD drum products.

V Expressions Ltd's mission to provide incredible sound enhancing expansions for Roland V-Drums TD drum modules sustains today with continual new releases for both current and legacy V-Drum TD modules. In 2018, support was added to our line-up for the Pearl Mimic Pro. We pledge our commitment to continue providing these high quality enhancements and customer service for many years to come!

  • 2018 - Added support for Pearl Mimic Pro
  • 2017 - Rebrand & expand support for TD-50
  • 2012 - Additional expanded support for TD-30
  • 2008 - Additional expanded support for TD-9 & 20X
  • 2004 - Rebrand & expand support for TD-6, 8, 10X & 20
  • 1998 - V Expressions Ltd founded upon release of the TD-10