TD-11 | Masters

Introducing V Expressions LTD’s Masters for TD-11!


This expansion pack for the TD-11 is available in two volumes of 25 specialized drum kit selections. Masters is for general purpose, including live use and recording applications. All the kits are uniform in panning and levels.


Features pre-programmed support of Crash Two as a crash cymbal modeled to the artist's sound.   
Specially created for gigging, recording and general use, you'll be able to use these kits as a reference point to create your personal masterpieces.

Additionally for your convenience, the supplied manual contains special live tips and settings suggestions when using your TD-11 in a live performance situation.  It also contains an expanded troubleshooting guide. 


Masters comes as a backup file, and individual kit files.

We recommend VDrumLib as the preferred V-Drum Kit Librarian for sorting, arranging and more. Give yourself the ability to rearrange and edit kits in seconds at the computer, rather than hours at the module. Be sure to check it out!

Questions? the programmer of this expansion pack!

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Volume 1
for the TD-11
Volume 2
for the TD-11
Volume 1 & 2 Combo
for the TD-11