Armory is our second edition and an extension to Arsenal for the Roland TD-50X. It can be used stand-alone or added to enhance your Arsenal expansion even further.

Armory brings a much fuller, richer, and modern sound to your collection in the form of two additional processing styles that will provide even more additional endless customization options within itself, and to its predecessor.

With completely re-mastered kits and effects, re-mixed ambience and reverb, and the addition of saturation, Armory achieves an all-new level of richness and depth. Just as with Arsenal, you can copy instruments across all kits - and across the two expansions as desired to create the kit of your dreams!

Armory includes our foundation 25 acoustic kits, re-mastered into 2 all-new production styles - for a total of 50 additional foundational kits to fit more production level needs.

Our new “Mix” and “Master” styles will provide you with a variety of cleandrum-bus” and more modern-producedmaster-buslevel results. With these two new options, you will be able to create any kit needed  - acoustic to clean to dirty to crushed - for any style, genre, and job! You’ll be able to cover anything from the 50’s to today, and any processing style you desire!

Kits continue to offer the option of warming up or brightening detail in seconds with the simple turn of the ambience overhead and or room knobs! These ambiences and reverbs have been re-mixed to ensure they work with the new styles of processing and blend effortlessly with all forms of music. As with Arsenal, these ambience mixes can be customized as you desire via their internal mixers. We never lock the ability to customize!

But of course; there’s more! Armory comes with an additional 28 unique custom artist kits. These artist kits carry their own unique custom processing, ambience, reverb, saturation, and master EQ & compression. Being unique, you now have 28 additional processing styles from which to base your own custom kits from and into.

For convenience, and maybe those that choose Armory alone, we’ve still provided our foundational 6 cymbal kits for easily copying in various styles of cymbals across all your kits as you desire.

As with Arsenal, all 78 kits in Armory can be endlessly edited via overheads and rooms to expand all versions of each kit into many additional variances of warm or detailed styles. With both Armory and Arsenal together, you can now turn these 150+ kits into at least 5+ times as many kits - and with virtually unlimited production stylesArsenal’s 5 artist and 5 style, along with Armory’s 28 artist kits realistically make your custom kit-building options infinite.

Complete yourArmory collection today by adding Arsenal; or pick up both in the combo option and dive into endless possibilities!

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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IMPORTANT! This expansion WILL NOT work with the non-upgraded TD-50. Read our TD-50 & 50X FAQ here.

Mobile Customers: If you do not reach your download, contact the programmer above for delivery.  
Armory & Arsenal Combo - Save $20