Arm yourself with an Arsenal of 85 realistic kits and 6 additional cymbal sets producing a vast variety of sounds, styles, and production levels for your every need.

Arsenal includes 25 realistic acoustics in 3 different production styles - for a total of 75 foundational kits to fit any need. Kits can be warmed up or brightened with detail in seconds with the simple turn of ambience overhead and or room knobs!

Additionally, Arsenal comes with 6 cymbal sets for easily copying your favorite cymbals into your favorite kits in only seconds. You’ll be able to copy in individual cymbals or sets, audition them, change them, and all without the need for additional adjustment!

But wait, there’s more! Arsenal also includes 5 pre-created artist-inspired kits, as well as 5 pre-created “style” kits at full-production level. These kits are to demonstrate the power you have at your fingertips with the initial 75 kits and only a few minutes of copying and tweaking to build even more kits to fit your every desire and need

Arsenal starts out with 25 “dry” acoustic kits. These “dry” kits are a direct response to requests for less “wet” kits and instruments for recording, direct routing, and practicing in general. These “dry” kits are the foundational structure of realistic instruments and kits bearing minimal-to-no ambience, no reverb, and only enough compression to achieve direct mic and booth-type kit results.

Next, we take these 25 kits to an all newly customized “natural” state by introducing environmental ambience that breathes light dimensional life into the kits with specific and custom ambience, reverb, and structured medium level parallel compression to achieve slightly more dynamic and “natural” small-to-medium sized studio room result.

Finally, we take our foundational 25 kits to a third “wet” level, introducing mixbus level parallel compression, ambience, and detailed snare reverb to meet the needs of a kit behind produced music - all while retaining the realism of the original kit!

Furthermore, all 75 kits can be endlessly edited via overheads and rooms to expand all 3 versions of each kit into many additional variances of warm or detailed styles. We will show you how easy it is in our introduction video to turn these 75 kits into at least 3 times as many kits

Every instrument in every kit is pre-designed to flawlessly copy into another kit with zero or next-to-zero need for adjustment! You’ll be able to find the kit family you desire for your need, choose the dry, natural, or wet version, and dial in your desired level of warmth or bright detail in seconds. Creating new kits by copying components to a new clone, and dialing in your warmth or brightness, can be done in less than a minute or two!

Finally, our last 5 “artist” and 5 “style” pre-designed kits (for a total of 85 kits and 6 cymbal sets) show you how easy it is to create full production level mastered sounding kits with easily adjusted master compressor editing. We’ve started you out with a handful of well-known names and styles, but we’re going to show you how to add to your Arsenal with our upcoming “recipe” videos/pdfs for Arsenal owners!

Complete your Arsenal collection today by adding Armory; or pick up both in the combo option and dive into endless possibilities!

Be sure to watch the Armory introduction video to see how these two expansions complement each other!

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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IMPORTANT! This expansion WILL NOT work with the non-upgraded TD-50. Read our TD-50 & 50X FAQ here.

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