The Exotic 1 expansion pack brings to the Roland TD-20 and V Expressions Ltd customers 10 of Chris's all-time favorite Exotic wood drum sets. These drum sets are not normally purchased and played by most drummers and are normally custom-ordered and built to exacting specifications for collectors and pro’s alike. Basically, not many of us can afford them!

Many times, these drum sets are special “one-off’s” or a very limited run of the Exotic Veneers that are made to order. For example, The 1943 Atlanta Custom Percussion Cherry kit is a “one of a kind “drum set originally built for a small theater production company that needed a drum set that could fit in the tight space they had created for the music ensemble. It had to project and sound commanding, but had to be built very small. 20X16 kick, 14X10 snare, 12X6 tom, 13X6 tom, 16X7 floor tom. One of the musicians in the ensemble asked a friend of his if he could get a drum kit made to these specific sizes. A famous performer/ entrepreneur drummer took on the challenge. The only wood available to the very famous, but remaining anonymous drum maker at the time was Cherry due to supply shortages caused by WW II. Atlanta Custom Percussion was a pseudonym. Does anyone know who this famous drum maker could be? This set now exists in a private collection in Philadelphia. The drum set has amazing tone and deep projecting characteristics you wouldn’t believe to see it set up. It is valued at over $100,000. Through a special arrangement with the owner of this set, Chris was allowed to play and record this amazing kit. He now has simulated it as best he can for the TD-20. These sound a little different to what you might think, so let your imagination run wild and sit behind some of the most “Exotic” drum kits ever built!

Carrying on the tradition in the Exotics 2 is another set of custom and one of a kind drum kits. The Exotics 2 expansion encompasses 13 new incredible drum sets with deep rich effects and tones. Designed on the original Exotics platform, you can be assured this will be the perfect compliment to the original release. The sounds of Slingerland, Gretsch, Premier, Tama, DW, Ludwig, Sonor are all represented with special drum sets not often seen or heard.

The TD-20 version of this expansion can be used on your TD-12 to access the additional tom(s) and cymbals. VDrumLib and a USB-to-Midi interface is required to convert and transfer the TD-20 version to your TD-12 module.

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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Exotics 1
for the TD-30, 20X, 20 & 12
Exotics 2
for the TD-30, 20X, 20 & 12
Exotics Combo - Save $10
Exotics 1 & 2