Metal Bender

M etal Bender for the TD-27v2 provides 11 unique and specialized stereo drum kit selections optimized for Gigging and Recording use.

These kits are optimized with enhancements from the TD-27v2 firmware. You must have a Version 2 Firmware TD-27 for Metal Bender to load properly into your module.

Go on a Metal Bender and add these great kits to your collection. The pack is built for the metal heads, rockers, and thrashers: drummers that like it hard and grinding! We took the approach to build a drum kit sound that will cut through a metal thrashing songs and provide great projection and low/mid punch. The drum kits in this pack are programmed with direct mic’ing modeling, in your face punchy sound, along with carefully selected ambience and hard compression built for punch. Most of the kit models emulate larger room environments.

For all experience levels and functionality, this pack will deliver a great enhancement to the TD-27v2. It supplies pre-programmed support of crash 2 with respect to the kit and other cymbals in the model. All three AUX triggers have been programmed and optimized for a 3-tom setup (T1/2/3) with three additional cymbals.

The METAL BENDER expansion pack has been ear-created on the V2 TD-27 from scratch on a highly expressive platform.

Exclusively created V Expressions Ltd sample .WAV data has been utilized. These samples have been used in the sub layer instrument setting to supply the kits with unique sounds without affecting performance, dynamic feel, and adaptive response

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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Metal Bender - Introductory Offer - Save $10
for the TD-27v2