Professor's Pack

We proudly announce the latest and most anticipated addition to our expansion library, the Professor’s Pack! This expansion is a collection of incredibly modeled kits based on the career and discography of one of the world’s most famous and greatest drummers of all-time – Neil Peart!

This expansion is filled with modeled kits reflecting the sounds of Rush’s greatest recordings throughout the past 3 decades! The expansion focuses on the replication of sounds based on the original recordings. Noticeably, the sounds will progress through the typically drier sounds of the 70’s and 80’s recordings, evolving into the bright, lively and powerful sounds of the latest recordings in recent years.

The expansion’s kits reflect the sounds of 20 releases from Neil’s greatest recordings; including the great sounds of Tama, Ludwig, Slingerland and DW drums, Zildjian and Sabian cymbals and a surplus of special effects, cross-sticks and additional percussive sounds the professor regularly used throughout the past 30+ years.

The Professor’s Pack is full of surprises and is designed with EVERY drummer in mind; especially “expanded” drummers! While this pack is designed with the “expanded” drummer in mind, all drummers can take advantage of the additional kits! We’ve included kits with the professor’s extended instruments including additional toms, percussion and effects for you to utilize at additional modules, inputs and split triggers! All drummers can copy these extra components into new and existing kits to create the custom kits of their dreams!

Many effect, percussion, cross-stick and additional sounds can be found on the rims of Toms. While rims cannot typically be copied in the module, we suggest VDrumLib as the editor for moving rim-related sounds with ease. With VDrumLib, data can be copied from rim to head, etc.

Cross-sticks are designed to be played with the butt of your stick on the snare rim while striking the rim of tom 1 with the shoulder. This will result in the intended cross-stick sound with a slight snare ambience from the snare. All kits feature Neil’s signature bass drums, snares crashes, rides, hi-hats and china sounds throughout the years. The toms in the first collection of kits are the “base” kits with strategic percussive additions to the rims. (based on modeled song) These kits are designed for the “plug n’ play” v-drummer with the maximum default kit layout. The "extended" kits bring additional toms and instruments to the expansion and are designed to be mixed with their counterparts in the first collection.

The TD-20 version of this expansion can be used on your TD-12 to access the additional tom(s) and cymbals. VDrumLib and a USB-to-Midi interface is required to convert and transfer the TD-20 version to your TD-12 module.

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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Professor's Pack
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