Program III

Program 3 Expansion Pack is the latest edition to the Program Series and fully supports the TDW20 enhanced TD20. It will not work in a non-expanded TD20, nor will this file be able to transfer to a TD12 using V Drum Librarian.

This expansion pack is a collection of kits that can be used in both live and recording situations by hobbyists, weekend warriors and professionals alike. Professional gigging and recording v-drummers can expand their library of custom kits to accommodate many musical genres, eras and types of drums. This expansion is fully customizable allowing the user to continue adjusting the kits, triggers and calibrations to best match his or her playing style.

Program 3 is based on studio recordings, specific source timbre and tunings, artist drum kits, and Live Ambiences found in most venues. All of these drum kits have been ear-created from scratch on the TDW20 Program 3 platform, and are modeled closely to the source recordings or the actual drum kits the programmer played.

There are 15 current Hard Rock/Metal genre kits as well as 5 current R&B kits to select from. There are also 17 newly created custom drum kits from the original source drum sets. These kits are very high-end custom drum sets that are generally built to order and are one-offs from their respective shops. In addition, this pack offers 10 Live kits that have been crafted and tested on a (PA) loudspeaker system. These are ready for immediate live use. Additionally, you will get 2 Electronic kits and a World Percussion set up that is dynamite!

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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Program III
for the TD-30, 20X & 20