T his is where V Expressions Ltd all began. Program I encompasses the very first 50 of the best sounding acoustic kits to ever be modeled for the Roland TD-20 & 12. With this one expansion alone you can build hundreds of combinations of the market's most sought after drums.

The Program I kits have been modeled against actual drums or recorded samples. Approximately 95% of these kits were modeled against the actual kit and the remaining 5% were modeled from CD or DAT samples of the actual drums being played.

Program II continues whereProgram I left off with 20 great acoustic sets for the live stick-jazz drummer. Program II also adds 30 electronic kits for dance, house, club DJ's and studio's.

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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Program 1
for the TD-30, 20X, 20 & 12
Program 2
for the TD-30, 20X, 20 & 12
Program Combo - Save $20
Program 1 & 2
Program 4 Pack - Save $70
Program 1 & 2, Acoustics, Electronics | Exotics 1 included FREE!