Every drummer needs their own toolbox of sounds and accessories. Whether you are gigging live, recording on stage, recording in the studio, jamming in the basement or practicing in the band rehearsal room, you need the right sounds to get the job done. This expansion pack for the TD-9 provides 30 such kits.

For all experience levels and functionality, this pack will deliver a great enhancement to the TD-9. Based on a standard set-up including crash two as a crash/splash/china cymbal and aux 1 programmed as Tom 4, all the kits are uniform in level and panning. Also included are various backups that have a Splash/China on Aux, as well as the ride cymbal enabled for the different types of Roland pad/ CY types. All toms have their rim trigger programmed as the acoustic rim sound, a few feature percussion. Great for gigging and recording, you'll be able to use these kits a reference point to create your personal masterpieces. We have programmed some great environments these kits are placed in. Get started with your new "Toolbox" of sounds for the TD-9 today.

All kits have been created using the onboard sounds of the TD9. These are not new samples or added third party material. The TD9 is not capable of uploading new samples to its wave board. All sounds have been professionally formulated and highly tweaked for your satisfaction. You will notice an overall boost in the volume of the module versus the stock kits, as well as other enhancements to most of the instrumentation that make up our kits.

The Toolbox expansion pack has been ear - created on the TD-9 from scratch on its own platform. All kits have been tested using a live set up as well as headphones. You will need a USB connection on your computer and a USB Key (flash drive) to properly execute this download. Please read the manual that accompanies your file at download.

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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for the TD-9 & 9v2