Venue LIVE

V Expressions Ltd’s Venue LIVE for TD-27 v1&2!

The pack features 23 kits comprised of 15 well made popular acoustic kit models and brands spanning many decades including a well-defined Reggae kit, Jazz kit, and Church Services kit. 8 of those kits are copied with a L30 pan optimization for Gigging use per the Master Left OUTPUT in a MONO scenario. This provides immediate plug and play ease while achieving the full punch and definition required for live sound from the TD-27 Module when using a MONO signal. The pack manual will fully explain these kits and how/when to use them. These same 8 kits appear in their full stereo form as well.

Also included are 6 well designed artist kits (Roger Taylor/Queen, Danny Carey/Tool, Ringo Starr, Phil Rudd/ACDC, Foo Fighters, and John Bonham), 1 percussion kit, and 1 Electronic/EDM inspired creation.

The acoustic drum kits in this pack are programmed in their raw, natural setting and created with the feel of direct mic’ing along with added ambience and compression. Most of the acoustic models feature lower ambience.

It supplies pre-programmed support of Crash Two with respect to the kit and other cymbals in the model. The Roland digital pads: PD140-DS, and CY-18DR have been prioritized in the making of the kit models. All three AUX triggers have been programmed and optimized for a 4th tom setup (Aux 3) with two additional cymbals (Aux 1 & 2). Some models may differ.

NEW! Exclusively created V Expressions Ltd sample .WAV data has been utilized. These samples have been mainly used in the sub layer instrument setting to supply the kits with unique sounds without affecting performance, dynamic feel, or adaptive pad response.

To download the files - you will need a fresh SD Card 64 MB or larger, and a computer with an SD Card reader.
Choose to download the Bulk load file, individual kits, or both at time of purchase. Both are highly recommended.

Based on availability, pre-programmed SD Cards are available from V Expressions LTD for an additional service fee.
After receiving your payment, they will be mailed to you. Contact the programmer for details.

This pack is for all experience levels, functionalities, performance and recording alike.

The L30 justified kits are meant to be used in live performance setups on professional PA and Monitoring speakers. It is normal for these L30 kits to have sound in the left side only of headphones… when connected to the TD27 headphone jack.

Roland Firmware Version 1.10 loaded to your TD-27 is required to use this pack.

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

Questions? for all your answers!

Mobile Customers: If you do not reach your download, contact the programmer above for delivery.  
Venue LIVE
for the TD-27