VExpressions Ltd is proud to offer the Brushes/Jazz expansion pack for the Roland TD-8 & TD-6/6V - 10 unique brush and jazz kits for V-based jazz drummer.

This pack offers subtle snare taps and brush sweeps on coated heads with excellent cross stick sounds on the rim, toms that project slight brush taps and nuances found on real acoustic sounding drums with a wide range of pitches and decays and a cymbal set that is matched for brush swells and taps.

Finally, the expansion features kicks that compliment a series of Jazz and Brush set ups that are sure to get you noticed!

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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Mobile Customers: If you do not reach your download, contact the programmer above for delivery.  
for the TD-8
for the TD-6 & 6V