The "Collective" series is for all drummers at all experience levels. Whether you are a gigging professional or just starting as an e-drummer, this pack has all the necessary tools to get you out of the box and sounding top notch.

Most of the 50 drum kits are acoustically based with a few tasteful Electronic Kits to choose from as well. There is a great african/latin percussion drum kit too! Cymbal and Hi-Hat choices change from various kit groups but certain cymbal instrument selections remain the same through most of the kits. Basically, the best sounding one's were used and varied.

From expertly put together Jazz and Rock kits, to deep and powerful sounding Vintage drum kits, you will certainly have a great time picking your master set up. All the drum kits have been designed from a "Collective" of great drummers and drum sets. There is a good chance your favorite drummer's set has been modeled. Danny Carey of Tool, Incubus, John Henry Bonham, Ian Pace, Lars Ulrich, Steve Gadd, Tre Cool, Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Dennis Chambers, Carter Beauford, , Neil Peart, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, and many others are very well represented. Slingerland, DW, Gretsch, Tama, Pearl, , Sonor, Premier, Yamaha, and Trixon are but a few of the great manufacturers that have been modeled. Details like instrument selection, pitch, panning, level, decay and ambience control have all been carefully considered and highly tweaked.

We have set the master output level at 127 per kit to allow you full volume potential as needed for your situation. Playing V-Drums requires some finesse and an adapted style that takes some getting used to. It is a different approach verses Acoustic drums. Slamming your V-Drums hard all the time for maximum volume isn't exactly getting the best from your drums. This new pack is designed to help you play at constant velocities without bashing your drums out of necessity for volume.

Chris, our programmer for the "Collective" pack, is a highly dynamic player using V Drums professionally everyday and has programmed this pack for expressiveness and acoustic nuances found in the real world. He owns a full V Tour set up and has programmed this pack on it. From his drum kit to yours, this pack will help you create a terrific playing sound and style all your own.

We have left all the trigger settings at factory default. Our midi file has been created as a "drum kits only" sysex file, so your Trigger bank configuration will not be affected by the midi bulk load.

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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