Hot Picks

Introducing Hot Picks for the Roland TD-6/6V module. 15 awesome acoustic drum kits modeled from top of the line manufacturers. For TD-6/6V e-drummers on a budget, this sampler pack will get you introduced to the quality and programming capabilities of V Expressions Ltd.

Whether you are new to V-Drums or just want to try us out before you buy any of the other TD-6/6v expansion packs offered, these highly tweaked and custom designed drum kits will get you started and give you a taste of V Expressions.

Set in a live ambient environment with all volumes designed for live playing, these set ups are part of The Collective pack, with the exception that the Collective set ups are designed for recording and their volumes, pitches and certain instruments have been changed for Hot Picks.

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

Questions? , the expansion designer of this pack, for all your answers!

Mobile Customers: If you do not reach your download, contact the programmer above for delivery.  
Hot Picks
for the TD-6 & 6V
Mega 4 Pack - Save $$$
Session, Elite, Hot Picks & Collective
Mega 6 Pack - Save $$$
Session, Elite, Collective, Master 50, Hot Picks & Brushes