Series 2

I n 1998, Chris developed the Series I as a test program for the non-expanded TD-10. Without the availability of the V-Cymbal controller provided on the future TDW-1 wave card, the TD-10 was not the best it could be. The factory set ups provided on the default TD-10 were ridden with flaws and settings in need of vast improvements. By correcting these settings for a "live drummer" application, Series I far surpassed any of the factory settings on the default TD-10. The powerful COSM technology at the time was cutting edge! It was the first time Roland ever offered such a powerful drum and percussion sound module.

Over the last few years, V Expressions Ltd has now had the time to complete the brand new Series II. Built on the powerful foundation Series I provided, this all new expansion features 10 dry kits modeled after top of the line acoustic sets. These kits are also provided as wet and live kits. Many customized general purpose setups were created to optimize the performance of the default TD-10. Levels are designed for use in live and multi track recording.

We know the availability of the TDW-1 wave expansion card is very scarce. The Series II programming makes the best of the NON-EXPANDED TD-10. Give some kick and power to your module. Order SERIES II today and enjoy playing your V Pro TD-10 again with this incredible new expansion pack!

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

Questions? , the expansion designer of this pack, for all your answers!

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Series 2
for the TD-10