System 1

Designed with working and home-studio drummers in mind, the 50 kits on this pack will satisfy demanding users both in the field and in the studio. The first 43 kits are designed for monitoring in headphones. All the outputs have been assigned to the Main L/R Outs exclusively. All trigger parameters have been kept close to the factory settings as possible. Compression, EQ, COSM Modeling and Effects have been masterfully tweaked for outstanding sound and production.

Built on the brand new “System 1 platform*” this expansion pack takes advantage of the V Cymbal controller. All cymbal and pad settings are for a standard V-Sessions setup. The Aux 1 input channel is used as the 3 way triggering “Edge” channel for the CY15-R Ride cymbal. Aux 2 channel is set up for a CY-14 two zone cymbal.

Whether you want Pop, Stage, Ambient, Deep, Country, Metal, Jazz, Compressed, Arena, Funk, Electric FX, or Rock kits, you can easily select and then design your personal best. A short tweak here and there to your liking, and you’re performing – not wasting time programming!

Unique to this expansion pack are the last 7 kits. These kits were designed for the “live” gigging drummer using a powerful PA or monitoring system. These kits are not for the weak-hearted and NOT for use with headphones. These last 7 set ups are designed for maximum power and volume and will absolutely get your heard! Fully programmed and designed using two JBL G2 Pro series monitors in stereo, all the right stuff is there for you. Deep, commanding kick drums, controlled and precise, powerful sustaining snare drums and toms, great cymbal decay - all designed for a multitude of monitoring systems and PA’s.

*This expansion pack is designed on a new COSM based – V Expressions “Exclusive” platform called System 1. Fader mode setting with all the sliders set at 80% is required. The internal mixer settings are low to give you the room to turn up all the events on the drum set for recording purposes.

The expansion kit listing can be found in the manual to your right >>>

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System 1
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